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  • Arizona:
    • The Arizona Board of Pharmacy Task Force Committee on Rulewriting met on January 12th. The Committee discussion included feedback from multiple task force members, including pharmacist and public members of the Board and other professional members of the Committee, and hit on areas of mail and home delivery practice, as well as how pharmacies address patient questions and concerns.


  • Texas: February 6th Meeting
    • Updated language released for Board review and discussion includes the following language related to Temperature and recognized standards:
      • in accordance with nationally recognized standards, such as those of the manufacturer or the United States Pharmacopeia
      • … The pharmacy shall ensure that any prescription drug delivered by common carrier is packaged in a manner that maintains a temperature range appropriate for the drug. This may include, without limitation, use of temperature tags, time temperature strips, insulated packaging, gel ice packs, or a combination of these as necessary. 
    • https://www.pharmacy.texas.gov/files_pdf/BN/Feb24/C.2.1.pdf


  • Louisiana: February 21st Meeting
    • At their January 24, 2024 meeting, the Regulation Revision Committee approved revised language to the Product Integrity rule. This significant change will be discussed by the Full Board at the February 21st meeting.


  • Missouri: 
    • The Missouri Board of Pharmacy met on January 11th and discussed Temperature Controls for Medication Shipment/Delivery draft rule language. Discussion included consideration of the complexity of the overall topic, the need for industry guidance and enhancing notification and communication to patients. After discussion, the Board opted to review the first draft and make suggestions ahead of a future meeting rather than move the proposed forward or make significant amendments live.


  • Ohio:
    • Public comments were due January 17th on the Outpatient Delivery Services rule.

Additional Considerations Impacting Nonresident Pharmacy Practice:


  • Illinois:
    • Public comments were due ahead of the January 29th deadline on the proposed rule to add that a pharmacist in charge of a Nonresident Pharmacy must be licensed as an Illinois pharmacist.


  • Kentucky:
    • The Kentucky Board of Pharmacy rulemaking includes both a Nonresident Pharmacist licensure requirement, as well as modernization of their central fill shared services rules. These rules are being reviewed by the Advisory Council for more discussion in March.

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