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Cold Chain Education & Training

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For over 30 years Illuminate members have taught cold chain logistics, quality maintenance, and thermal behavior. Our experts have authored guidance documents, scientific and educational publications, participate on professional committees, and are esteemed speakers at our industry conferences. We are passionate about educating the industry on new technologies and techniques, practical applications, evaluation methods, and environmental responsibility.

Personalized Seminars

Whether you have a team new to cold chain logistics or seasoned veterans of the temperature sensitive industry, we can tailor educational sessions to meet your needs. Understanding topics such as the fundamentals of thermodynamics and environmental temperature logistics will allow you and your colleagues to make informed and knowledgeable decisions on daily projects and the occasional excursions.

Customized Training

A cold chain shipping solution is only as good as the people who implement it. Our team can provide essential training on proper pack-outs and procedures. By educating people on the reason behind each component and placement behind a new packing design and guideline they are more likely to utilize the proper methods consistently.

Academic Cold Chain Conferences

For several years we have hosted a free educational two-day conference where executives from the perishable food and pharmaceutical industries meet to discuss and solve industry-wide cold chain issues. Our signature event is highly sought after, where industry leaders provide educational and informative workshops and presentations.