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Temperature Profiles


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Temperature profiles are a critical factor in the assessment of your shipping system’s thermal performance. A well-designed profile should represent similar environmental conditions that your temperature sensitive shipment will be exposed to throughout the transportation and handling process. The temperature profiles should be specific to your unique distribution process during winter, summer, and moderate seasons. The temperature profile will significantly impact the level of thermal protection needed which affects your solutions total costs.

Profile Assessment


Regulatory agencies do not have standards for temperature profiles; therefore you must demonstrate that your profile is an accurate representation of your real-life transportation and handling process. Our 30 years of cold chain logistics experience can help you determine the accuracy of your profiles. When selecting pre-qualified packaging solutions, it is essential to understand the difference between your actual shipping conditions and the temperature profile the package was designed for. The variability can significantly impact the thermal performance of your shipping system while potentially damaging your products.

Profile Development


Our logistical knowledge, experience, and real-life testing capabilities can help you design temperature profiles that represent your unique transportation process. As part of the original team behind the testing and development of the only industry standard profiles, International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) 7E we have developed an in-depth understanding into the complexities of the transportation environments encountered by cold chain shipments. The profiles are essential for the assessment or development of pack outs that can be seasonal or universal year-round.

Profile Application


Temperature profiles are the fundamental element to test and qualify the thermal performance of your shipping system in a laboratory setting.  Our environmental laboratory allows us to test, develop, and qualify packaging systems in a controlled environment. During the process, our team will look at critical areas where packaging systems can be improved to optimize the thermal performance while potentially reducing component quantity, cost, weight, and dimensions. While laboratory testing allows us to expedite the initial process faster, it is beneficial to verify your temperature profiles are representative of actual shipments, and the packaging system is functional by conducting real-life testing.