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Cold Chain Logistics Assessment

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Are your cold chain handling and logistics practices helping or hurting your products? Our in-depth knowledge and testing experience of the temperature sensitive transit processes allows us to determine high-risk areas for parcel and pallet shipments that use a combination of modes, from truck to plane to ocean.

Preliminary Baseline

An initial assessment of your shipping, storage, and handling processes is a valuable tool in determining the level of protection your packaging and logistics process is providing your temperature sensitive products. Starting at your initial handling point, we use our custom temperature and humidity logging devices to measure product temperature as well as air temperature throughout your entire distribution process. By studying the real-life conditions of your products, we can help you optimize your processes and protection systems to maintain high quality and safety of your products. Using our extensive database, we can compare your cold chain process to similar operations.

Periodic Monitoring


A robust cold chain logistics system includes a periodic evaluation. Using our real-life testing and analysis techniques, we can collect data and assess your day-to-day procedures, storage environments, packaging techniques, distribution environmental, and shipping systems to determine if they are maintaining your desired level of thermal protection.