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TTx Carbon Dioxide Barrier Inserts/Bags

Designed to protect payloads from long exposure to dry ice (CO2)

TTx 84, 100, & 200 CO2 Barrier Inserts/Bags

The TTx CO2 Barrier Inserts have been designed to prevent carbon dioxide (CO2) ingress, maintain a uniform temperature distribution, and accommodate the necessary payload size for many popular pharmaceuticals, vaccines, & gene therapies.

TTx CO2 Barrier Inserts are a simple and effective way to resist gas exposure when using dry ice. They are made of an engineered material that is a barrier to CO2 for 5 days or longer.

Ideal to protect temperature and pH sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals, vaccines, biologics, and infusions.

TTx CO2 barrier bag can be used to -85°C temperatures while maintaining its structure and seal

TTx CO2 barrier insert is designed using gas non-permeable metal foil composite of 12 microns thickness with additional nylon layer for durability

Puncture resistant (interior and exterior) of at least 0.12 J with ASTM F1306

Heat sealable, Gusset bottom insert/bag

Payload dimensions options; #1: 8” x 3.75” x 4.5” and #2 11” x 8” x 8.5” with option for customization

Includes all thermal benefits of TTx such as distributing the temperature
uniformly around the payload

Additional Specifications

TTx 84 TTx 100

TTx  200

Weight (oz) 0.85 0.95 1.93
Refrigerated (36-46°F) yes yes yes
Room Temperature (59-77°F) yes yes yes
Frozen yes yes yes
Dry ice yes yes yes
TTx is a registered trademark with patents pending