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Introducing our TTx CO2 Barrier Inserts/Bags which have been designed to prevent carbon dioxide (CO2) ingress, maintain a uniform temperature distribution, and accommodate the necessary payload size for many popular pharmaceuticals and vaccines. TTx CO2 Barrier Inserts are a simple and effective way to resist gas exposure when using dry ice. They are made of an engineered material that is a barrier to COfor 5 days or longer.

 Ideal to protect temperature and pH sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals, vaccines, biologics, and infusions.

 TTx CO2 barrier bag can be used to -85°C temperatures while maintaining its structure and seal

 TTx CO2 barrier insert is designed using gas non-permeable metal foil composite of 12 microns thickness with additional nylon layer for durability

 Puncture resistant (interior and exterior) of at least 0.12 J with ASTM F1306

 Heat sealable, Gusset bottom insert/bag

 Payload dimensions options; #1: 8” x 3.75” x 4.5” and #2 11” x 8” x 8.5” with option for customization

 Includes all thermal benefits of TTx such as distributing the temperature
uniformly around the payload

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