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The Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding (APC) releases Statement on Compounding of Peptide Products.

As the voice of pharmacy compounding, APC shares this statement to educate pharmacy compounders, prescribers, and those that regulate them about federal requirements and guidance surrounding the compounding of peptide products. This information was provided to Boards of Pharmacy as a resource and to share with licensees.


Alaska requires out-of-state pharmacies to be licensed by the Board and have a pharmacist-in-charge with an active Alaska Pharmacist License.

HB 112 changed the requirements for out-of-state pharmacies to be licensed, rather than registered, and for the pharmacists-in-charge of those pharmacies to hold an active Alaska pharmacist license. For those out-of-state pharmacies currently registered in Alaska, action will need to be taken at renewal time.


The California Board of Pharmacy continues their discussions on pharmacist to pharmacy technician ratio and central fill pharmacies.

The Board recently reviewed the summary of their Licensing Committee’s work resulting in the March 6, 2024 release of Pharmacist Survey on Pharmacy Technician Ratio. The Licensing Committee will continue to work on the Proposed Amendment to California Code of Regulations, Title 16, Section 1707.4, Related to Central Fill Pharmacies and the Proposed Definition of Mail Order Pharmacy, after helpful feedback from the public earlier this year.


The Kentucky Board of Pharmacy surveys non-resident licensees as the Advisory Council and Regulations Committee are set to meet ahead of the March 27th Full Board Meeting.

A late February request pursuant to KRS 315.0351(1)(b) was sent to each Pharmacy Permit Holder and Pharmacist-in-Charge to gather information from non-resident pharmacy permit holders to obtain a list of pharmacists dispensing prescription drugs into the Commonwealth. The Advisory Council will meet March 12th to continue their work on modernization of their central fill/shared services rules.


Louisiana Regulation Revision Committee brought forth six items for consideration by the full Board in February.

Along with three Regulatory Proposals and two Legislative Proposals, the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy reviewed the recommendation of the Regulation Revision Committee to move forward with Regulatory Project 2023-09 ~ Product Integrity. The Board and specifically this Committee will continue their work on multiple projects and proposals throughout 2024.


Virginia legislators consider Bills that would direct the Board of Pharmacy to promulgate regulations related to central fill pharmacy and pharmacy technician remote work.

HB 1068 and SB 607, if passed as currently written, would call on the Board to promulgate regulations to allow pharmacy technicians to perform certain functions from remote locations, while also authorizing a pharmacy to outsource tasks associated with dispensing a prescription drug. The central fill related regulations would touch on items including: automation, supervision of pharmacy technicians and support personnel, pharmacist verification and delivery.


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