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The widespread theme for Earth Day 2022 is to “Invest in our Planet,” and when it comes to sustainability, there are many ways companies can be more Eco-conscious. Investing in our planet requires a fundamental change to restoring and protecting nature. When being recyclable is becoming outdated, underused, expensive, or repetitively manipulated to seem “good,”; we are simply “wish-cycling”. The real environmental change happens when a product is completely natural, renewable, and easily compostable. And if it’s not entirely compostable, it should dramatically reduce the carbon emissions. 

Compost from Ecochill can contribute enough soil to plant 4.6 million tree plug seedings per year

Nature-based solutions are one of the most important topics currently being discussed to reduce our one-time-use plastic consumption. Consider the millions of Styrofoam coolers shipped every year for pharmaceuticals, produce, meal kits, and cold chain products. The Ecochill line of coolers offers a perfectly compostable insulation solution to replace Styrofoam for shipping perishable products.

In just the past two months alone, the use of Ecochill coolers has eliminated 25,000 Styrofoam coolers from our planet. For 2022, one company alone will eliminate almost half a million Styrofoam coolers by using Ecochill insulation coolers, contributing to making 45,000 compost bags ready for gardening. This is enough soil to plant 4.6 million tree plug seedlings.


The widely used TTx™ line, commonly known as the Space Bag, is designed to extend the duration of cold chain packouts, allowing the freedom to convert from overnight air to greener ground transportation. Simply adding a TTx™ solution to your cooler reduces the amount of necessary ice packs, thus reducing the weight of the package and allowing more perishable items to be shipped at one time.

TTx™ removed the equivalent of 2,100 cars from the road in 2021

In 2021 alone, we reduced the carbon footprint of mail order cooler shipments by at least 13 million kg CO2, which equates to around 1.2 million gallons of gasoline. This is equivalent to removing 2,100 cars from the road every year.

The Illuminate Group is excited to celebrate our Earth today and every day, and we are thrilled to see the shift in our packaging industry. We admire the companies and individuals who are putting in the effort to reduce their Carbon Footprints and choose us as their sustainable source for reliable cold chain shipments. 

Happy Earth Day from everyone at The Illuminate Group.