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The Illuminate Group of cold chain experts introduces Ecochill, Environmentally friendly insulation and Stryrofoam replacement designed for the shipment of temperature-sensitive products. Ecochill is the only truly environmentally friendly insulation. Seamlessly replace harmful Styrofoam with similar cost, thermal performance, and weight. Ecochill is a 100% natural insulation free of plastics, chemicals, and GMOs. Fully compostable and naturally biodegrades without releasing harmful toxins. Quickly and safely degrades in commercial landfills and composters, as well as… Use in your home composter! Fantastic as a potting medium or add to garden beds for moisture retention. Thermally protects payloads of 35.6-46.4°F (2-8°C), 59-77°F (15-25°C), and frozen. Meal kit deliveries and fresh pet foods can be shipped at 40°F (4°C) and below. Expertly designed for temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, biologics, and infusions. Ecochill’s firm & flexible structure allows over 15 different sized shippers with the same size pad. Be a part of the future in sustainable packaging for cold chain. Learn more about Ecochill today!