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As Halloween and the holidays are approaching, more chocolate and other delicious temperature sensitive treats are going to be shipped. While cooler temperatures can help to reduce melting during transit, it is important to consider certain challenges when preventing your products from spoiling. Some of these challenges include transit times, temperature and regions involved in transit, and the balance of cold sources.

Our TTx thermal inserts are the best option to maintain the correct temperature for your products during transit. TTx provides uniform thermal protection, even when your package is rotated while shipping. Cold sources are utilized more efficiently which can reduce packing and shipping fees. If you ship using TTx, there’s no need to cry over  melted chocolate!

Please contact our team of cold chain experts if you have any questions or requirements shipping temperature sensitive products. Our team is here to assist you. Also, we have recently introduced our Pre-Engineered Cold Chain Shippers which have been designed to properly and effectively use our specialty packaging products without the need of customized solutions or in-depth consultation.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

Spooky chocolate won’t arrive melted with the TTx thermal shipping bag