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This Sunday, May 29th, on World Compost Day, aka “Learn About Compost Day,” we at The Illuminate Group highlight the green facts about our 100% compostable cooler to replace Styrofoam – The Ecochill Thermal Packaging Solution. While going green has been geared towards recycling, sadly, the world is changing, and most products are not actually recycled. To truly be sustainable and environmentally friendly, natural compostable options & groundcovers are the future.

The transformation series of ecochill from insulation to dirt

When you order perishable foods or refrigerated products delivered to your door, the insulated cooler is often bulky and mostly unrecyclable. Even if items are recyclable, federal research has found that minimal items sent to recycling facilities are actually being recycled. The US Department of Energy says 86% of plastics go to landfills, 5% are recycled, and 9% are. Unfortunately, even when consumers work hard to recycle their waste, it is for naught. Lack of recyclability is the primary reason we need to utilize more compostable, natural, and plastic-free products like Ecochill, the only truly 100% compostable cooler.

The transformation series of ecochill from insulation to dirt

The University of Florida studied and monitored Ecochill compostable insulations when used as the main compost ingredient and ground cover. Compared to wood chips and other general composting materials, Ecochill produced superior nutrient-rich and balanced soil. When used as weed control mulch, Ecochill prevented more than 65% fewer weeds than commercially available mulch. In addition, Ecochill increases the harvest yield of plants by 45%.

In celebration of World Compost Day this Sunday, we hope your passion for a sustainable future will lead to an exploration into composting. Start collecting those food scraps, yard waste, and Ecochill coolers, then find an area in your backyard to make a compost pile. Check with your local municipalities on any available compost bins in your area. In addition, The Illuminate Group is offering grants for schools and community gardens to teach children and neighbors about composting. If you are interested in developing a compost program, please apply at info@theilluminategroup.com.

Have a great Ecochill World Compost Day!

Images of Ecochill 25% and 50% transforming from insulation to dirt