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The California Board of Pharmacy Licensing Committee meeting on April 10th will include presentations on Central Fill Pharmacy Models from both Walgreens and Albertsons.


The Board’s Licensing Committee continues to review and discuss Pharmacy Technician Ratio, Central Fill Pharmacies and the Licensure and Other Requirements related to Nonresident Pharmacies. The Enforcement and Compounding Committee and Legislation and Regulation Committee will also meet the week of April 8th to discuss Drug Shortages, IV Hydration Clinics and Proposed Bills and Regulations related to Compounding, Quality Assurance and Outsourcing Facilities amongst other activities.


The Kentucky Board of Pharmacy moves forward on non-resident pharmacist licensing and directs their Advisory Council to discuss mail service delivery and temperature. 

The Board met on March 27th and approved the Advisory Council recommendation on three rules related to the licensure of pharmacists in nonresident pharmacy. The requirements will include the NABP Verify credential and be posted for open public comment. The Advisory Council will meet April 9th to begin their discussion around temperature and delivery.


Missouri will discuss a proposed rule draft of their Prescription Delivery rule at their April 10th & 11th Board Meeting.  

A proposed draft of rule 20 CSR 2220-2.013 Prescription Delivery Requirements adds “mailing” and “shipping” to the requirements while including notification requirements and adding language related to “excursion ranges. 


The South Dakota Board of Pharmacy has put forth a comprehensive rules package which includes revisions to central pharmacy and compounding. 

Public comments are due on April 9th to the South Dakota Board of Pharmacy’s rules package. The compounding rules include a specific section on Delivery to Patients requiring appropriate temperature-controlled packaging or delivery containers as defined by USP standards.


Texas will be accepting public comment on their Delivery of Prescription Drugs rule until April 30th, 2024.

The Texas Board of Pharmacy will review updated language to §291.12.Delivery of Prescription Drugs at their May 7th meeting. This is the latest version of an ongoing discussion around the proposed rule to increase requirements around delivery of medications and include sections related to Temperature, Packaging and Standards. 

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